One Small Step… (2008)

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Disc One:
1. Used To Get High – 4:18
2. Treat Yo Mama – 5:41
3. Daniella – 3:22
4. Ocean – 9:53
5. Better Than – 4:20
6. Zebra – 3:53
7. Fire In The Sky – 3:47
8. Funky Tonight – 6:04

Released: January 28, 2008
Recorded: June 29, 2007
Length: 41:17
Producer: John Butler

John Butler – Vocals, acoustic/amplified 11 string guitar, banjo, Weissenborn lapsteel, Harmonica

One Small Step (subtitled ‘Live and Solo’), is a live solo album by John Butler. It features 8 tracks, all previously released on studio albums with the Trio, recorded at Twist & Shout Records in Colorado, USA.
It was initially released in 2007 as Live At Twist & Shout, but re-released and renamed in 2008.
One Small Step is notable as being John Butler’s first album without his Trio. Its inner gatefold also featured an advertisement for OxfamAUS’s “Close The Gap” campaign, which aims at narrowing the average life span between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, which, currently, is 17 years.
$1 AUD from every sale of the record was donated to Close The Gap.

Live Photography by Chris Newman, Adam Whitehouse, Brad Woodard
Recorded by Ian Hlatky
Mixed by Jeff Juliano
Mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner